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Hans York > Albums & Lyrics

Hans York Photo

Inside Out Album
  1. Safety Is Soulless
  2. Inside Out
  3. Bored Out Of My Mind
  4. Miss you
  5. Lifes Apart
  6. Listen to the moon
  7. Spirit Of The Land
  8. California Waltz
  9. Empty Tin
  10. What If
"Hans York is a man of vast musical talents and one of the best songwriters around."
(European Weekly April 2005)

German-born, Seattle-based, singer-songwriter, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Hans York, a.k.a. Hannsjoerg Scheid, has worked as producer and performer on a variety of albums, ranging from San Francisco Blues legend Fillmore Slim to Folkjazz project Lyquid Amber to indie Rock musician Eric Goetz just to mention a few.

Hans has quickly made himself a name as an extraordinary DADGAD player and strong, engaging performer with a distinctive style and an irrepressibly delightful and approachable manner. His intimate and distinctive voice draws comparisons to Paul Simon or Michael Franks and captures the audience instantly with its honesty and clearness.

He accompanied Robert Palmer on German TV, toured as bass player with the New York Broadway Ensemble, played throughout Europe with master harp player Rüdiger Oppermann, and performed a Concerto as Soloist on fretless bass with the "Ars Quittilinga" Chamber Orchestra. (Concerto written by contemporary East German composer Thomas König) Hans York co- founded the German Worldmusic cult band Moka Efti and recorded three CDs with them. The third album, “Fata Morgana� features US saxophonist Charlie Mariano and producer/saxophonist Heinrich von Kalnein (Vienna Art Orchestra).

Hans spent six months in Rio de Janeiro where he studied Samba, Bossa Nova and popular Brazilian music, an experience that upon his return to Germany, inspired his first solo album Hazzazar.

Currently he is spending a lot of his time delighting audiences all over the US and Europe playing guitar with US National Fiddle Champion Jamie Laval or presenting his new Solo Album "Inside Out".

Hans York is a world musician in the true sense of the term, drawing most of his present day inspiration from his vast eclectic background.

Thanks to Hans York for submitting the biography.

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