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Hans York > Inside Out Album > Safety Is Soulless Lyrics

Album Name: Inside Out

Song Name: Safety Is Soulless

(Hans York/ T. Armstrong)

We never walked down the safest path
Which we would feel regret for
Standing on fences with our heads hanging down
With no risk to keep us open
One thing we have asked for
From those who we love
Is to keep asking questions
We’d rather stumble through this reality
Than fake perfect moments

Yes, safety is soulless
Freedom is dangerous
I need security
But there’s no insurance
Can guarantee

We’ve kept our weapons for keeping the peace
But did they give us protection?
I find it ironic that what the lessons we teach
We don’t give deep devotion

Yes, safety is soulless
Freedom is dangerous
I need security
But there’s no insurance
Can guarantee

I remember in those places where life may burn short
It burned so much brighter
Celebration is chaos and oh, my soul may be lost
But when your world falls down
And there ain’t no one who can show the way
When there’s no one there who can lift you up
Guess what part of you got to say…

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